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Best Outdoor Lock 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Having a good outdoor lock is the best thing you could keep in your collection for safety. If you visit an online or offline store, you will get tons of options. Too many products will surely make you confused. Getting the best outdoor lock becomes very challenging after seeing too many features and variable pricing. Even you won't be able to read descriptions for each product.

Well, the scenario is the same for everyone, and the aim of this article is to provide a reliable solution. As a lock expert, I have often been asked which padlock would be best for outdoor and how to identify the right one! Here I am going to share the best padlock reviews from where you can get the desired one.


Product Name




Padlock - 4 Digit Combination Lock

Desired tools

3.27 x 0.71 x 1.65 inches

ABUS 70IB/45

Abus Lock USA

2.22 x 1.17 x 3.04 inches

Master Lock 911DPF

Master Lock

6.56 x 1.77 x 3.63 inches

FortLocks Gym Locker Lock


3.62 x 1.77 x 0.91 inches

Master Lock - (4) High Security Pro Series

Master Lock

7.32 x 4.61 x 4.57 inches

Top 5 Outdoor Lock Reviews

To make an exclusive list of the best padlocks, I have tested and checked the features, price, customer feedback, and overall built quality. After vigorous research, here I have picked the top 5 locks for you.

1. Padlock - 4 Digit Combination Lock

Features :

  • Best for the money
  • Combination lock
  • Keyless operation

If you are looking for the best padlock which is durable yet inexpensive, check this item from desired tools. Within a fair price, the brand has integrated modern features. Compared to conventional locks, this unit could be a better alternative.

It is a versatile lock that you can use for gym lockers, employee lockers, school, and outdoor fences. The versatile design gives you endless opportunities to use the lock for various purposes. It's pretty simple to operate. Locking and unlocking won't take much time.

Instead of a key inserting feature, it comes with a combination lock. Which means you will get a combination on the lock. Set the combination according to your preference. Make sure that the combination is easy to remember for you. It allows users to set up to 10000 unique combinations. This protects the valuables from being stolen.

Unlike some typical padlocks in the same price range, it comes with larger numbers that are easy to read. Moreover, maneuvering the digits is easy. 

Don't misjudge the product after seeing the price. Despite a low-priced product, it comes with zinc alloy and plated steel construction for extreme durability.


  • Available in a wide range of colors 
  • Easy to use combination locking
  • Setting and resetting is easy
  • The exterior is waterproof for weather protection


  • Doesn't work properly with a wet hand 

2. ABUS 70/45 All Weather Solid Brass Blue Padlock

Features :

  • Keyed padlock
  • 2 keys per lock
  • Comes with paracentric keywayt

Indeed, modern padlocks often come in keyless design. But if you don't like the hassle of combination or there is a chance of forgetting it, go for the ABUS 70/45 padlock. This is a keyed lock and super easy to use.

The first thing you are going to notice in the lock is its solid construction. The German-made padlock comes with solid brass material which is combined with a steel shackle. As both of these materials are known for sturdiness, the lock becomes extremely durable. you could easily expect to have a longer life for it.

The brass material is naturally rust-resistant. This means there is less chance of getting rust even if you use it for extreme conditions outdoor. Besides, the lock features a sealed body with a cylinder cover to protect inside. There are drainage channels in the body of the lock to drain water and dirt easily. That gives maximum protection against water.

It features a paracentric keyway for additional protection. It helps to give better protection against lock manipulation which is common. The overall built-quality is satisfactory.


  • Multiple keys for unlocking  
  • Comes with 5-pin cylinder body
  • Additional cover on top for water protection
  • The vinyl cover protects from scratches
  • Available in various sizes


  • It's hard to make a duplicate key 
  • Extreme dirt may cause freezing

3. Master Lock Padlock, Covered Laminated Steel Lock

Features :

  • Keyed lock with cylinder
  • All-weather padlock
  • Dual ball bearing inside

The main goal of this padlock from Master Lock is to provide both indoor and outdoor security purposes. The versatile design allows you to go for anything as you wish. It is not mandatory to stick to a particular usage.

Unlike most padlocks, this unit is best for professional contractors. While the project isn't running, the lock could ensure the security of indoor things. It also best suits small business owners. For instance, small shops that have a narrow area inside the shop can use the lock to keep everything safe.

When it is about an outdoor lock, the most annoying thing is corrosion. It gradually damages the lock and suddenly the lock freezes. But there is no chance of such things with this unit. It features a FlexFit keyway cover for weather protection. With laminated steel construction, it is extremely durable. Moreover, it features hardened boron alloy shackles for added strength.

The padlock comes with a 5-pin cylinder and ball bearing inside. This allows for easy unlocking regardless of the condition. The best part is, the cylinder is removable for rekeying the lock. When more people need access to things, this feature helps a lot.

To be honest, if you check the price and features, this lock is offering the maximum.


  • Each lock contains two keys 
  • Dual ball bearing offers better pry resistance
  • It is suitable for versatile usages
  • Laminated steel construction for sturdiness
  • FlexFit keyway cover for weather protection


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4. FortLocks Gym Locker Lock

Features :

  • Metal construction
  • Combination unlocking
  • Weatherproof for longevity

What about an outdoor lock that comes with a combination system but is inexpensive? Yes, this FortLocks comes with a combination system that is cheaper than conventional locks. The main purpose of the lock is to use it in the gym. You can, however, use it for a wide range of purposes without any major issues.

As mentioned, the lock is versatile and suitable to use in different places. Whether you are using it for home, gym, storage, or any other areas, the lock ensures enough security. Even you can use it for a toolbox, gun case, and more. Because of the keyless feature, there is less chance of damage inside compared to cylinder and ball bearing locks.

It looks solid and has enough strength. The body of the lock is made from high strength zinc alloy. Besides, it features hardened steel shackle for better protection and longer life. Moreover, it is weatherproof for longer life. Whether indoor or outdoor, security is guaranteed. The internal patented mechanism protects from freezing the lock.

On the body, the lock has a 4-digit combination. Using the digits, users can generate up to 10,000 unique combinations. No keyhole means thieves won't be able to crack it and get access to your valuables.


  • Available in different colors
  • Keyless lock for easy access
  • Easy to reset the combination
  • It won't take more than seconds to unlock
  • Metal construction for longevity


  • Digits often stick and require enough force 

5. Master Lock - (4) High-Security Pro Series Keyed Alike Padlocks

Features :

  • Keyed lock with long shackle
  • BumpStop technology
  • Heavy-duty construction

Do you prefer durability over fancy features? Then you are good to go for this item from Master Lock. It is the best outdoor lock for versatile usages. The lock is from the pro series of the brand, and it provides more security compared to typical keyed outdoor locks.

The lock offers special packages from where you can order multiple items at less price. I would highly recommend this item for those who need multiple locks to secure properties. The lock best suits industrial and manufacturing areas. However, the lock is so durable that you can also use it for other outdoor purposes without any hassle.

It is an all-metal lock which gives it extreme durability. There is no chance of cracking or breaking the lock to get access to the properties. That is most business owners rely on this unit. The shackle is durable and built from hardened boron alloy. The inside mechanism doesn't freeze even after years.

Inside the lock, there is a cylinder and it is protected by Bump Stop technology. It features 5-pin cylinders where the spool pins are very difficult to pick. Ordinary locks use to bump, and the lock gets damaged. But no such things would happen with this unit. Unlike conventional keyed locks, it features dual ball bearings for better protection.


  • Solid metal construction for durability 
  • Ideal to use in industrial areas
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Chrome rust proof design for longer life
  • Easy to unlock with keys


  • Doesn't have any particular weather protection
  • The single lock costs more

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lock?

Are you happy after seeing so many options and cheaper prices? Well, just because a padlock is cheap, you shouldn't go for that, otherwise, you will regret it. Rather consider the following facts to get the best outdoor lock.

  • Type of the Lock: If you check Padlock reviews online, you will find there are both keyed and keyless options. Keyed locks are conventional, and you need to insert the key for unlocking while keyless locks open with the combination. Now you need to identify which one suits you most. Combination locks are good but sometimes not durable enough though it is easy to unlock. If you often forget to carry the key, a combination lock is better for you. Also, when multiple people need access, a combination lock is the best option.
  • Security Mechanism: Regardless of the purpose of the lock, the security mechanism is always important to ensure security for homes. Don't purchase a padlock that doesn't have dual ball bearings. Otherwise, thieves can easily remove the shackle. Also, look for the cylinder mechanism to ensure better safety. I would recommend purchasing locks with at least 5 pins.
  • Material: No matter how secure the lock is if it doesn't come with good material. For instance, the lock may have a highly secured system but made with cheap metal. Anyone can cut it with a bolt cutter within minutes. Besides, the shroud or the shackle cover needs to be durable enough to protect from breaking. Metal construction always performs better, and if it is steel, you can expect to have better durability. Cheap locks used to come with a metal cover and breakable cylinder inside which is not safe at all.
  • Weatherproof: You are trying to find the best outdoor lock, right? So, it is important to check if the lock is suitable for outdoor use in all weather. This is only possible when the exterior is rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, it should be dirt-resistant and water-resistant. In extreme weather, it is not uncommon that water gets inside and damages the locking mechanism. As a result, the lock gets frozen within a short time. Check the product description if it is mentioned that the lock is weatherproof.
  • Price: Finally, you need to consider the price. If you check the avoid padlock reviews or outdoor reviews, there are both cheap and expensive options. Now, it is needless to say that expensive locks have more features and are used to be durable. Set your budget according to your need. For instance, if you are going to use the lock for simple purposes like a gym locker, or toolbox, you may rely on a cheaper one. But when it is for industrial areas or shop owners, go for a good budget to get the best lock.


Which material is better for the best outdoor lock?

All outdoor locks use to come with metal construction. But the problem is, sometimes the inside material is not good enough, and it is breakable. So, check the cover material and the inside material as well. At the same time, it is important to have a good metal shackle for sturdiness.

Should I lubricate keyed locks?

Though some outdoor locks perform better after lubricating, the scenario is not the same in all cases. Use lubricating oil only when the manufacturer recommends it. Moreover, make sure the quality of the oil is good to prevent damaging inside. However, keyless locks often don't require any lubricating.

Is it essential to choose a cut-proof padlock?

It depends on usability. If you are going to use the lock mostly for outdoor, getting a cut-proof lock would be a good idea. Because you never know when someone will try to cut the lock with a bolt cutter. Other than that, if it is for simple lockers, gyms, etc. it is not mandatory. Also, remember that metal locks are used to be durable enough, and cutting the shackle won't be easy.

How to reset the combination of a padlock?

To reset your padlock combination, unlock the shackle and move it 90-degree to counterclockwise. Now set the shackle position and press it down all the way. While keeping the shackle down by pressing, set the combination on the lock. This is a general process for most of the padlocks. However, it could vary based on the type of lock and the brand.

Can locksmiths make a new key if necessary?

Yes, a professional locksmith can rekey your padlock. But you may have to carry the lock with you to ensure the key becomes perfect. For some locks, however, rekeying is difficult and may not work smoothly.

What to do if a padlock is frozen?

If the lock is frozen, you need to check the possible reasons. If it is covered with ice, remove it and cover the lock with a warm woolen cloth. Rest it for at least 1 hour and then try again with the keys. If it opens, you are good to go. Otherwise, consult with a professional locksmith.

Some Additional Tips to Follow for Better Security

  • If it is a combination lock, don't share the code with others
  • Even if the lock is weatherproof, avoid using in wet areas
  • Don't push the key too hard to unlock
  • Reset the combination code often for more security
  • Always keep the extra key in a safe place

Final Verdict

So, now it is supposed to be easy for you to find the best outdoor lock from a bunch of products. To avoid the hassle, you can pick any of the above padlocks that best matches your requirements. If you find the list doesn't have the desired product, check the buying guide for the best outdoor lock. Check which features are important, and select the right locks for doors according to your need. I would suggest never getting into the trap of cheap products. It may become a waste of money for nothing.

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